Project: W1358

Completed: Summer 2015

“a property designed for sea and sun and all that the Caribbean elements will muster; sun soaked days lazing on the terrace or protected, safe by the fire during hurricane winds.”

Beach House is a 5000 sq ft Caribbean retreat, completed by Witcher Crawford in 2015 as a private family residence. The house is located on sand dunes above the Pink Sands beach on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

The beach house has three bedroom suites and a large communal living space, all designed to have expansive sea views. The property also has its own gymnasium, swimming pool and open air cinema.

Bahamas Beach House Gym Design
Bahamas Beach House Exterior
Beach House Exterior Lighting Design

Beach House is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Bahamian island style. The buildings are kept low with shallow pitched roofs and have large timber decks and stone terraces. Walls are clad in stone and cedar and have large sliding windows to take advantages of the fabulous views over the beach and out to sea. However, when the weather changes the windows are fitted with hurricane proof shutters to protect against storms.

Bahamas Beach House Exterior Lighting Design
Witcher Crawford Architect's Drawings

The islands can be badly affected by storms and the house has been designed to withstand hurricane force winds. Windows and shutters are specially selected to be hurricane compliant. The building roofs are clad in cedar shingles, a local trick as the small tiles survive high winds more successfully than sheet material and can be easily and cheaply replaced if damaged. The house has its own desalination unit to provide safe drinking water. It also has its own electricity generator.

Beach House Dining Chairs
Bahamas Beach House Hidden Crab Detail
Bahamas Beach House Staircase Lighting Design
Bahamas Beach House Wooden Staircase Detail
Bahamas Beach House Wooden Staircase Detail

Witcher Crawford originally designed Beach House with the intention of working in conjunction with a local project manager. However, the difficulties of building a project to a high standard and in a timely fashion quickly resulted in the decision to move a key member of staff to the island to project manage the build directly. By directly controlling the build, Witcher Crawford were able to get the best from local craftsmen and decide when skill shortfalls required specialists from further afield. The house was finished on time and on budget and enjoys an exceptional level of detail and quality.

Bahamas House Architecture