Witcher Crawford Architects RIBA provide a full range of architectural services, covering all stages of the RIBA Plan of Work as listed below:

  • Feasibility studies and project planning
  • Concept Design
  • Planning applications, including Design and Access statements
  • Listed building applications and Conservation expertise, including historic building statements
  • Building Regulations Submissions
  • Construction Drawings
  • Materials and workmanship specifications and schedules
  • Contract administration
  • Site Inspections and CDM

We also provide the following additional services:

  • Project management
  • Interior design
  • 3D visualisations
  • Furniture and product design

Feasibility studies and project planning

Feasibility studies can be undertaken in the very early stages of a project in order to establish the viability of a project and identify feasible design options. We will consider a number of different issues such as previous planning applications that may have been made, planning permission that may be required in the future and other legal/statutory approvals that may be relevent.

Concept Design

Witcher Crawford creates design solutions suited to our clients’ individual needs, using a number of presentation techniques including hand drawn sketches, computer generated imagery and even physical models where appropriate. We aim to ensure our clients have a comprehensive understanding of a concept design before we move forward to the planning stage.

Witcher Crawford Architect's Drawings for New Build
Above: Proposal for a new build house in Hampshire.

Planning Applications, including Design and Access Statements

Experienced in dealing with challenging planning applications, we ensure a sound basis of research and a high level of presentation as these are key components in winning the confidence of Statutory Authorities.

Witcher Crawford Coloured Architect's Drawings for Remodelling
Above: Coloured elevation of a remodelled house in Kingston Upon Thames.

In some cases planning permission may not be required as certain works are classed as permitted development under national policy.

Modern Glass Extension Terraced
Above: Modern glass extension to a terraced property built under permitted development rules.

Listed Building Applications, including Historic Building Statements

Listed buildings are protected by law and permission is required to carry out even minor alterations. Frequently, listed building permission is sought alongside planning permission and a scheme will have to satisfy both the Conservation and Planning Officers.

At Witcher Crawford we have staff with specialist historic building expertise who can assist owners of historic properties in understanding the important aspects of their buildings. This helps our clients to make informed decisions and develop design solutions that are much more likely to be viewed favourably by Conservation Officers.

Our knowledge also helps us in detailed negotiations with conservation bodies during the planning and construction process. Historic Building Statements will often be used to assist with the determination of applications.

Restoration of a Grade 2 Listed house.
Above: Restoration of a Grade 2 Listed house.
Witcher Crawford Architect's Drawings
Above: Detailed section of a new build house in Winchester.

Building Regulations Submissions

Building Regulations are a statutory check to ensure building projects comply with national construction standards. They are concerned with technical rather than aesthetic design issues and cover areas such as structure, drainage, electrical installations, heat loss and energy efficiency, fire, water usage and disabled access.

Witcher Crawford Architect's Construction Plans
Above: Construction drawing plan of a new build house in Hampshire.

Construction Drawings

The quality of construction starts with the detail and quality of the design information. The more detail a contractor has the more accurate their price will be and the smoother the project will run on site. Poor tender information can result in time delay and increased costs. Witcher Crawford provide a comprehensive, clear and well detailed package of information at the commmencement of the project.

Contract Administration and Project Management

We believe the only way to ensure a contractor correctly interprets design information is to carefully monitor work on site. Because of this we are always keen to manage the construction phase of our projects, either in a traditional role as contract administrator, or in a larger management team as lead consultant.

Unforseen problems can occur, particularly when dealing with the refurbishment of older properties. The staff at Witcher Crawford understand how important it can be to make the correct decision under pressure. There will be very few problems that will be beyond our collective experience and we will always react in a calm and effective manner if problems occur.

Materials, Workmanship, Specifications and Schedules

Detailed design information is required by contractors in order to construct a project to the highest standard. Specifications are clear, detailed documents created by Witcher Crawford where we believe that every detail is important. We are committed to maintaining the same high level of attention throughout the design process to ensure every aspect and detail of the project has been properly considered.

Site Inspections and CDM

Regular visits are undertaken to ensure a high quality of craftsmanship and adherance to the drawings. Witcher Crawford can provide Principal Designer services under CDM 2015 (Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015) to aid in the health and safety management of the site and construction.

Witcher Crawford Staircase Design Details
Above: Staircases designed by Witcher Crawford.
Construction Work

We also provide the following additional services:

Project Management

As project manager, Witcher Crawford would be involved in all aspects of a construction project. By spending time consulting with clients, visiting site and interacting with engineers, contractors and other construction personnel we will take the project from site preparation to completion.

We will review construction drawings, prepare contracts and also help with hiring a contractor for the proposed project. We will also ensure that the construction meets environmental, safety, structural and aesthetic standards. During the construction process, site visits will be made in order to monitor progress and ensure that the building works are in line with the drawings and project deadlines.

Interior Design

Witcher Crawford like to apply an itegrated design philosophy and where feasible, we like to oversee every aspect of the project.

We often design fittings and furniture, including staircases, fitted wardrobes, vanity units and other detailed cabinetry. We have designed ironmongery for several projects and frequently design kitchens. We plan bathroom layouts, select fittings and finishes and provide lighting layouts. We are happy working closely with interior designers, lighting designers and kitchen manufacturers but also have in-house expertise to provide a complete interiors service, dependent on our clients’ preferences.

New Build In Progress
Above: New build timber frame house in Winchester during construction.
Jersey Home Cabana Interior Design
Above: Interior of a cabana in Jersey.

3D Visualizations

We can create computer generated 3D models which help give an understanding of a concept design and is an effective presentation technique.

Furniture and Product Design

We have designed numerous fitted and free standing furniture items for our clients from folding chairs and dining tables to stainless steel handles and light fittings.

Witcher Crawford Architect's 3D Visualisation
Above: 3D visualization of a new build house in Hampshire.
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